About Us

Not just another company. A movement.

We were built out of a personal need to make fitness sustainable.
Started to address the fundamental gaps that exist in the fitness industry.

We couldn’t find a solution that was sustainable, holistic & covered almost everything—so we designed it! Started in 2020 with a deep sense of purpose, we launched our premium fitness coaching to only a handful.

Founded on a mission.

Successful startups are built out of a personal need. Their founders typically have a sincere attachment to the problem at hand & deliver solutions that actually work! And obviously, they tend to put in more effort and commitment towards the problem they deeply care about solving.

We are on our journey to simplify fitness while creating a complete mindset shift. We do so by educating our clients in a way that they become pillars for change in their community.

After starting, we asked hundreds
of our clients a simple question.
“What do you like about our fitness plans?”

We collected all the feedback, and what stood out was our hyper-personalized approach to coaching, where we helped clients unlearn and relearn fitness, creating a complete mindset shift.


With an aim to impact more lives, we partnered with fitness thought leaders & qualified coaches with genuine passion.

Soon after thefitchase.com
took off & we were official!


Clients Transformed


Years Experience


Certified Coaches


Kgs Fat Lost


Countries Network
With word-of-mouth, high referrals
& soaring customer satisfaction scores we have been growing organically.