asked questions.


Is there a refund option?

No, we do not have a refund option for our plans. We assume our clients have taken an informed decision before enrolling.

Can I select a coach of my choice?

No, you enroll under The Fit Chase plan and an expert coach is assigned only after speaking with you after understanding your goals, personality and lifestyle.

How much weight loss can I target?

You should ideally target 1% of your current body weight per week, for sustainable weight loss. However, this might go up or down depending on age, metabolic rate, lifestyle disease, previous attempts at diets, etc. This is highly individualistic.

Do I need to go to the gym to see results?

No, it is not mandatory to go to the gym. Our coaches will discuss with you the possibilities of working out at home and design a result-oriented workout plan that works just as good.

What foods do you give in the diet?

We work with a diverse set of populations, who have completely different diet histories and preferences. We take into account where you come from, your preferences, likes and dislikes, which helps us understand the food that needs to be included to maximise results, while keeping it simple. We don’t take away your favourite food you grew up eating.

Have any other queries?

Will my diet & workout change?

Yes, you can get as many changes as you want on-demand for the entire duration of the kick-starter plan. You have 24×7 access to your coach for these 10 days. For changes based on progress and on-going mentorship, try out our coaching plans.

Will my plan have alternatives?

You can reach out to your coach for alternatives for exercises and food options the entire duration of the kick-starter plan.

How long can I follow the same diet & workout plan?

Ideally, the plan can be followed week after week, until 5% of body weight changes as metabolism starts adapting. However, you can discuss this with your coach as it may be based on a case-to-case basis.


Will my diet & workout change every week?

Your diet and workout plan will keep changing based on your weekly progress if needed after your coach discusses it with you. Additionally, it might be subject to change based on your preferences, likes, and dislikes.

How do you monitor progress?

We monitor progress on our progress tracker, which will be filled in by you each week. This will include, body measurements, weight, pictures, hunger levels, sleep quality, adherence % on the plan, etc.