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Overeat As Much Protein As You Want And You Won’t Get Fat, Feels Unreal Right?


Can you believe that you can eat all the protein in the world and still not get fat? It seems quite unreal. Well, it is possible, but not all of it is true. There are some silver linings to this fact.


But before that, what does overeating mean?

Overeating refers to eating more calories than your body needs, hence entering into a surplus. As a person overeats, their intake for basically everything rises, which does more harm to the body than good. It causes bloating, makes the person lethargic, and also leads to further issues if a person continues to overeat for a long time.


With this, we all know that overeating leads to weight gain due to a surplus in calories.

But, that is not totally true. There are some other possibilities too. Read ahead to know more.


How Can You Control Calories After Overeating?

There is one simple concept—the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF), which refers to calories getting burnt as the body digests food. When a person usually overeats 100 Kcal Protein, it leaves 70 Kcal absorbed into the body. On the other hand, eating 100 Kcal Carbs or Fats leaves us with a net 90 to 95 KCal, all absorbed by the body.


Several pieces of evidence prove that when you overeat carbs and fats, they add up to your body in a very similar fashion.

But that is not the case with protein; the concept of these calories works totally differently. Our body weight increases mainly due to fat mass and water weight, not protein, because protein is our true and real BAE!


When you overeat protein, it has a minimal effect on fat gain and results in surplus calories only to an extent.

In reality, a study (Antonio et al. 2014) defines that consuming 5.5 times the daily permitted protein, approximately 4.4 per kg/day, resulted in no effect on the body composition even though the overeating had increased by about 800 kcal a day.


Protein is the human body’s friend. It creates a protective layer against the fat gain and surplus calories, specifically when combined with strength training.

Evidence from over seven studies displays that high protein diets might probably be the key source to promoting a positive body composition.


Tips To Overeat Hassle-Free

Here are a few ways to smartly overeat to be beneficial for your body.


1) Protein Foods Means Protein Foods

Do not consider protein foods that include just as much fat or carbs as lean protein source foods. As much as the protein benefits, the fats and carbs wilL eventually add calories and fat. It is always smarter to opt for protein-enriched foods with less fat since, those are the ones that might just work in your favour to fill up your tummy, but still not give you a lot of calories.

For instance, eating Chicken Tikka is not beneficial in terms of protein since it also includes a lot of fat, which will lead to fat-related calories more than anything else. Instead, having grilled chicken is a better option as it might have minimal fat in the food & while cooking


2) Being Sensible Is Important

Sensibility is the key. Even if overeating won’t cause any problems, it is still important to regulate and eat your meals keeping the limit in mind. Excessively consuming anything can never benefit. Overeating in a limit can still be sensible if you eat the right foods, without crossing the limit.As long as you maintain the sanity of your diet, everything will go well.


3) Choose a Strong, High Protein Diet

Opting for a healthy protein-based diet will reduce the fat and lower the macros. Protein-based diets are also beneficial because they help you incorporate different nutrients, initiate the lessening of fatty muscles, help boost the growth of lean muscles, assist in maintaining your weight, and curb hunger.


In certain ways, we have taken certain terms negatively, and one of them is overeating. Whenever we speak about overeating, we tend to take it in a negative sense, majorly because we’ve seen the side effects of overeating. But, if we eat just a little extra, in relative moderation,, there isn’t harm. And while doing that, protein is our best bet.