TFC Coach


Anurag believes that fitness is a way of life and is passionate about helping people discover the power of proper nutrition and exercise science. He starts by understanding your journey right from the beginning because he believes that acknowledging the root cause is the first step to solving any situation.

From weighing 110 kg to now being 67 kg, Anurag has himself had a journey that continues to inspire many. In the last 4 years, he has professionally coached almost 400 people to achieve their fitness goals.


If you are serious about your goal, whether it is fat-loss, transformation, bodybuilding, contest prep, powerlifting, or any other, Anurag will go out of his way to help you achieve it with a science-backed & evidence-based approach.


Training, Contest Prep & Powerlifting, PTC

Nutrition & Fitness Expert Course, INFS

Pre & Post Natal Coach, GGS



Education (H), Delhi University
Industry Experience
4+ years
Clients Coached
Current Location
Delhi, India

Plans & Pricing

$70/ 1 Days Program

Not ready for a long term commitment? Let this plan give
you a taste of what quick-yet-sustainable progress looks like.

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$300/ 3 Month Program

Sit back & experience the power of hyper-personalized one-to-one
ongoing-mentorship, where an expert hand-holds you & takes care of everything.

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